If I was Ban Ki-moon for a month.

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© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1274/Markisz

© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1274/Markisz

If I was Ban for a month, my key priorities would be to eradicate global hunger and extreme poverty, end all brutal killings associated with power and politics and then hold dialogue with terrorists; try and understand what their deal is and find a way of ending their unacceptable behaviors. So if suddenly I found myself at the helm of the United Nations with all the power and influence that come with being the UNSG (United Nations Secretary General), I would make sure the above mentioned priorities are achieved.

You see the thing about being young is that you are not yet exposed to the complexities and challenges that come with the stringent process of diplomacy and unnecessary bureaucratic processes. I would remove all that and get down to business. I am not saying the current UNSG is not doing a very good job, I just think that at this point in time seeing children starving, pregnant mothers delivering in the wild or power crises and unsuccessful revolutions is unacceptable. I would make it my life goal (at least for that one month) to never see such things in the world.


In the year 2000, world leaders met for the millennium summit and decided on a set of development goals to be achieved by 2015, they were labeled the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is now less than a year to the set target and despite the significant progress made, we have not been able to meet our targets. If I was Ban Ki-moon, I would focus on what went wrong and find a way of fixing those bugs.

In these MDGS, the first goal on ending extreme hunger would be the one I examine in much detail. I would focus my energy in looking for ways of distributing wealth to ensure we have eliminated a certain level of suffering. The world cannot continue to neglect these severe situations. I would ensure such circumstances are inexistent. With all the huge resources at my disposal, a well connected governance system and the numerous NGOs, I would eliminate in totality these extreme levels of suffering.

If I was Ban Ki-moon for a month I would also ensure that young people’s challenges like youth unemployment are efficiently addressed.

And then after I have done all that I would travel the world.

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