If you are, you must be social

Avatar Abdeslam Asmek
Inscrit le 13 janvier 2013
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Yes it is true : <<If you are you must to be social>>, that is the real recipe for success that I have learnt during my short life.

A summer and a winter came and went and finally who cares? Who tells himself that he must help the others instead of staying home? Who knows that this is not a choice; but an obligation? Who wakes up every day and still has a tenet that says: <I must move, my people need me>? Who knows the meaning of citizenship?

Our god is greater in fact he offered us different livelihoods; there are many rich and also many poor; there are enabled people and disabled people… So innately the poorer must be supported by the richer and the stronger must help the weak . If the habitual rule becomes unusual that means we don’t deserve the right of life.

So, to be proud of yourself you must move, you must help and carry on. This is the truthful citizen, who cannot stay without doing anything. So, get involved in nonprofit organizations and be active in all its events, propose to your group to help the needy people, try to change mentalities; try to make the word better.

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