Infiltrating the Soul of Agriculture to Children and Youth


Inscrit le 9 octobre 2013
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These days, children and youth are not concerned and fully ignore agriculture for one simple reason- it's also about farming. It is so disgusting. So, from this statement, we can guess that agriculture is not an interesting realm to be studied.

There is a lack of awareness among children and youth. However, there is an effort to help increase awareness on ascertaining agriculture in detail. A magnitude initiative formed or related ways engaging children and youth such as YUNGA. I was admiring this particular initiative, YUNGA, from UNFAO. It’s really amazing. YUNGA is an abbreviation of the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance.
This alliance includes and engages much more children and youth on increasing awareness to agriculture and the derivatives of agriculture. The derivatives of agriculture here are forestry, food, biodiversity, fishery, poultry, climate change and the environment. How does YUNGA work? YUNGA works under auspices of UNFAO by mobilizing children and youth around the world by increasing awareness about agriculture. YUNGA has helped infiltrate the soul of agriculture to much more children and youth in each country by establishing school – based agriculture and environmental concerts attended by eminent artists. The most interesting way to encourage children and youth is by taking action with some real activities. On the other hand, UNFAO appoints some ambassadors for YUNGA from prominent artists such as Anggun C. Sasmi (songwriter – singer from Indonesia and French) and Valentina Vezalli, (Italy’s World Olympic fencing champion).

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