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"We all figure out how to climb over that wall that divides us"

Do you use your eyes wisely? – There is a large variety of perspectives, which one of them is yours? People, especially nation leaders, could answer this question immediately; carefully evaluating its connotation, they could express their answers to such impressive and inspiring words. I am amazed how they could draw directly to their very points towards the so- called “awareness” as their expected answers. Although there are billions of global citizens and leaders who are intelligent enough to supply this question’s answer in an instant, it is left covered how our world today is still experiencing the existence of blindness, division, and pride. Perhaps it is because vision and action come separate ways. Perhaps it is because millions of global citizens never seek sole efforts to establish bold actions to fill up what our world needs. The answer lies within each human being.

I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to take part of the change, through the United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development held last March 3-4. Before I thought that being part of transformation requires a very complex business; however, in the end it is as simple as taking the first step in identifying the problems, and the corresponding solutions. Yes, making those solutions happen is difficult, but how can we make it happen if we start by being intimidated by the problems. Attending the pre-seminar orientation last February 24, we were oriented to action-plan making; we were divided into five subthemes, and I was part of Subtheme D: Attainable Food Security. Within the groups, specific problems under the assigned subtheme were identified as we designated equivalent solutions such as possible government projects and policies. And with that simple yet fulfilling brainstorming, it is vividly reflected that opening one’s eyes wider to see the needs of the society and the hindrances in attaining them would always be the first step in effective leadership.

“We are here sweethearts not for perfection, but excellence” Teacher Sam added during our pre-seminar orientation. I deeply realized that in anything we pursue or involve ourselves with, most especially when it deals with public service or includes many people to benefit, one must be fully prepared and have appropriate background and knowledge. Furthermore, on the night of the conference, if we were not aware of the various UN instruments, policies, and programs, and the several existing global problems, we will not have the basis for our stands, and our stands would not be credible at all.

We almost lost the spark of hope when we had technical problems during the teleconference in connecting with the other countries. However, as they say no one is impossible to those who believe; and so I myself firmly believed that nothing could hinder our mission to be the voice of the Filipino youth. Despite the fact that we were not able to directly talk and converse with the other international student leaders, I am glad that we were still able to email our strong points and recommendations. I am grateful that many points were taken and considered from the Philippines and some of them even came from my Subtheme! Through that particular experience, it highlighted the value of perseverance and integrity – Perseverance regardless of boundaries and integrity notwithstanding objections and indifferent beliefs.

I thank the United Nations, GEM, IamSAM Foundation, the Department of Education, teachers, and all the organizers who made the opportunity possible for us youth to be heard and to contribute in action- plan making. I believe that it is not far that UN Millennium Development Goals will be attained if every living global citizen on earth will take part in following what the lead change demands. As I left the room when the teleconference was finished, I promised myself that I must be the change I want to see in the world. It shall start with the youth, and it must start with me as well. The lessons I have learned, values I have strengthened, and the wisdom I have gained should not end here. We all matter. Every voice matters, but there must is a corresponding action that matters too.

“Ask not what your county can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” – John F Kennedy.

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