Is It Hot In Here?


Inscrit le 11 novembre 2011
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Is there really such a thing as Global Warning? Is Global Warning the potential end to the Earth or just a myth? Recently an iceberg the size of New York city has broken off the Antarctic glacier. Could this be a hint from Mother Nature saying we need to start taking more drastic actions of trying to save the Earth? Nasa scientists are saying the melting is due to a rising in air and water temperatures but this could also be just a rare natural occurrence. But the build of green house gases is becoming more and more due to the burning of fossil fuels and forrest. In the United States in January 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency started to make new regulations regarding utilities, refiners, and major manufacturers. President Obama offered Congress a climate change legislation that would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. But Congress refused to enact the climate change legislation. Should governments see this as a serious problem or not even waste their time?

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