Israel and Palestine

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Inscrit le 25 juin 2013
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How can we just sit around and do nothing? America, do something! President Obama, take action! Formerly, I supported our President with blind hopes thinking that he would revolutionize the way the Untied States has approached foreign policy since the atrocities of the 1960s and beyond. However, much to my chagrin and dismay (also, on behalf of the many citizens in this country who agree with me), the United States has yet to lift a finger concerning the conflict in the Middle East. Then, analyzing the present situation, I considered something very important yet callous on the part of many nations in the world: people don't really care about the Middle East unless it serves them some economic or social benefit. Hey, Middle East! I CARE.

This conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is one that is superficially religious and internally ideological. There are some fundamental differences between the histories of Islam and Judaism that set the conflict to two extremes and in two unparalleled mindsets. For example, Islam has historically been associated with theocracies ranging from caliphates to khanates to sultanates and sheikdoms. Yes, that's a thing. Judaism has been a diaspora-related religion since the beginning of time. The dispersal of Jews across distant lands and over continents spanning centuries in time periods has created a large international community of Jews all over the world. Ironically enough, Islam worked the same way. Maybe not as dominant in some areas as others, it still contradicts common misconceptions. For instance, the largest (most populated with Muslims) Muslim country in the world is not in the Middle East. It is in Asia---it is Indonesia. Judaism has never been a militant religion; neither has Islam. In fact, no religion really preaches that we cut each other's heads off to preserve the word of God. That is a lie. God will probably cut your head off if you do that. In fact, I don't know what he/she would do. It just doesn't make sense to think that the very thing you use as a vehicle for inner peace would bring so much external conflict.

Now, we know that the superficial differences and similarities (i.e. the claim of a holy land, UN interference, ages old war) have contributed to the superficial aspects of this conflict. Yet, internally, what is happening is not something that can be resolved in a day. The sad part is that it should have been resolved already. I mean, this has been going on since 1948 in the contemporary era and probably quietly since Islam's conception in the 600s C.E. Let's look at Israel's conception in 1948. Nothing good came out of it for the Palestinians. They were pushed to the edge. The Balfour Declaration and later international engagements didn't help either. After Egypt had its fling with everything, people considered making the region a "no man's land". But that would be making a rich sanctum sanctorum a void desert of impiety. So, some type of "agreement was reached". Now where did the UN figure in all of this? Well, it was the scapegoat of many and the hero of some. Now, the UN has spoken out about its support for the many Muslim victims living in Gaza and has offered aide. What is the reaction it received? Hate! Americans are calling the UN anti-Semitic and are afraid of a second Nazi rebellion. World War III? I think not.

Teens, be reasonable. This is not a surefire topic. Every time there is a ceasefire, it ends with fire. What can we do? Pray, donate, volunteer, and support in whichever way we can. Let the rest be left to God, whomever he may be.

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