It's Indonesia Model United Nations!

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Inscrit le 13 août 2013
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There is an interesting event is being held at my university (Universitas Indonesia) this week, Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN). It is for 5 days, November 5-9, 2013. It is the fourth conference for IMUN, and the theme this year is “Ensuring Global Security through International Leadership to Shape a Better Future of Nations” and it takes “For A Better Future Nations” as the tagline. Hundreds of delegates from many universities and international delegates are participating.

They will discuss some international problems and each delegate will share the problems from each country which they represent. The theme this year has been mentioned before but the goal of this event is to facilitate and encourage youths to involve solving the problems, both locally and globally. It also increases awareness of youth about problems that happen around us. It also gives them an exercise to challenge their bravery to talk in front of many people about the solutions that they offer. They will also be trained to be innovative- to get the best solution to each problem and how they can make a commitment to each agreement.

This kind of event is really good, in my opinion, to gain more involvement of youth. Youth can also think about the global problems, and to focus more about the “World We Want” program in 2015. It also stimulates delegates to be more sensitive about other needs and how they will adapt and negotiate with people who come have a different background.

I believe that youths in Indonesia will have some great and innovative solutions to offer to international society. I hope other countries will also have similar programs or maybe other events that also encourage youths to offer their opinion about how we solve can problems around us.

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