Its 2013 already. Why isn't feminism moving forward?


Inscrit le 10 septembre 2012
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On 29th December, a girl called Damini died in a hospital in Singapore. The cause of death was multiple organ failure. But the real story of how that happened is utterly shameful.

On 16th December, a 23-year old girl and her friend were going back home after a movie at 9:30 in New Delhi. They had caught a bus not knowing that it was a chartered bus. The bus included 5 men and the driver. After that, the men had beat up the victim's male friend because he got suspicious. Later they beat Damini up with a rod and raped her. They then threw the victims out of the moving bus. During Damini's diagnosis, the doctors had found that the rod was jammed in her and that only 5% of her intestines remained.

You may think that the alleged would have received immediate and serious punishment for this. However, the prosecution isn't even done yet and in fact the judgement day isn't coming any faster even after the victim has died. Apart from this, there have been various protests in India to have stricter punishment for sex offenders. However, so far there has been no signs of any change. The fact that there has been no change shows that women in India do not have equality and despite being an Indian, I do agree with BBC that India is in fact one of the worst country to be a woman in. Female foetuses are aborted and baby girls killed after birth, leading to an appallingly skewed sex ratio. Many of those who survive face discrimination, prejudice, violence and neglect all their lives, as single or married women.

This brings me to my point. Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, Women have not been treated equally and it is more visible now than ever. Forget the fact that there have been some successful and empowering women. Does that mean that feminism is going forward? I doubt it. Various issues still exist, from the cultural, political and economical aspects. For example, women often work more than men, yet are paid less; gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; and women and girls are often the ones that suffer the most poverty.

I would like you to take a second and think if it were your wife, daughter, niece, girlfriend, bestfriend, cousin, sister etc. who had been in the incident, how would you feel? People are taking a completely wrong approach on women's equality. Instead of just safeguarding females, educate the male, teach them moral values, keep stringent laws against sex offense, fight for your rights, don't stop just because of a few successful women. The fight for women's rights isn't over yet and its time we do something about it.

Therefore as a new year's resolution, I ask you all to try to make a difference and stand up for what you believe in.

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