It's All About Distribution

no picture Kat Mcclellan
Inscrit le 10 novembre 2011
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All around the world there are nations that have many starving and dying people. There are quite a few theories as to why this is, whether it is due to poor means of agriculture and resources, a lack of education, or food being distributed around the world unfairly. In my opinion, based generally on my knowledge from my freshman Human Geography class, the biggest contributing factor to why there are people starving in our world is the unequal distribution of our resources. Food, and even resources to help produce food or clean water (water filters, farming equipment, etc), is so unreasonably distributed unevenly around the world. In contrast to all of the starving people in the world, many people consider the U.S. to be "obese", and they clearly have reasoning behind it. Not only are people in the United States considered overweight because they're bigger, but relative to a majority of the rest of the world, our portions are absolutely enormous. As human beings, we do not physically need that much food in our systems. While we are over here in America stuffing our faces, there are people who don't even have a whole meal in a day in less developed countries. If we could find a way to distribute our excess food to those nations that really do need it, then there would be enough food to support the entire world, but as of right now, with this terrible distribution, there are many nations that have a majority of their population starving every day.

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