Inscrit le 8 mai 2013
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Believe it or not, the water on our planet is running out, and with it, the life and beauty of our environment. It is the responsibility of all, do what is necessary to protect our home planet, and ensure a healthy place to live.

It's amazing how years ago, our planet was safe, with minimum of pollution index, and that nowadays where supposedly we are more able to develop more efficient methods of protection, our planet is turned into a disaster, a chaotic world, where some places are dangerous and shortly habitable.

It is also a fact that is easy to contribute to the protection and care of our planet. It would be of great help in schools, children and teens receive classes and workshops on environmental protection, and will be taught practical techniques that could be used at home, and demonstrate to their families and neighbors, such as caring for the earth.

And remember, with one little action, the change reaction, will never be stopped. Make us strong, shine a light and send it on.

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