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At the beginning, we are all just innocent children, with empty minds, yet we have our high spirits of curiosity. Then, everything starts to change. Our pure minds get contaminated. Our pure souls start wondering for more. Power. And then there is war.

War becomes ineffective then, and some of those people start to think about a new way to terrorize. Which is then, they start to plant bombs everywhere. Millions have died. Luckily, some of them are caught. But unfortunately, again the government has to take lives.

Personally, I don't think a death penalty can bring peace. Especially when there are some people who just love revenge. And though one big guy is dead, he sure has thousands more who can replace him and think of a better way to terror. They killed many souls. Killing is not human. And by killing them, we show just how similar they and we are.

It's not ours to take death; nature does. But it is NOT impossible for us to make others change. Death is not everything, after all. Maybe you have heard the sentence, "An eye for an eye." So when thousands of people were killed by a terrorist, should you kill a thousand more to make avenge? And would their lives be worth it? I don't think so.

And people have been practicing this for like the whole time. And still there are no progress in dealing with terrorist. So it is proved that death penalty is not the ultimate way to remove all the terrorism attacks.

It's not ours to take lives. Just believe in karma, because it happens. There comes a time for everything. Death penalty won't work, but I believe that there is time to protect those innocent minds. Let the broken be broken (because it will be a very hard struggle to get them back), but don't let the pure get brainwashed. If we all can put the mindset of how peace works, there will definitely be less terrorism. Less death penalties.

Here's the logic. How can a terrorist get his followers? Not by violence, I'm sure. But he must have them believe in him. Through good words, supporting lies, and a great deliverance. Imagine how words and attitudes work. If take one's life, how can they not hate you? So they just plot another revenge and the stories will sadly never end.

In conclusion, death is not ours to take. Whatever the reason is, it is never the best answer. And I certainly am against it.

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