Keeping Young People in Employment, Education, and Training

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Let's keep young people in employment, education, and training! A look at the Bucharest NEET Conference:

UNICEF is partnering with the Government of Romania, Civil Society organizations, donors and adolescents and young people themselves to advocate on behalf of adolescents and young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) --- especially those missed in policies, services and programmes

What is the goal of the conference?

“To create effective learning partnerships for policy development.”

Why NOW, Why the conference?

An estimated 7.5 million young people in Europe (15-24 years old) are not in school, are unemployed, or trainning (NEET). For example, in Romania, approximately 16% of adolescents and young people are NEET. In Bulgaria, over 20% of young people are NEET.

There is a need to transition from compulsory schooling to jobs for young people in Europe

NEET is a “wicked social problem”- difficult to define and tough to solve! - but we can't avoid them.

NEET is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue (right to work, be trained), a HUMAN ISSUE (unused potential), and a SOCIAL ISSUE (adolescents and youth become out of touch, participate less, etc.)

Vulnerable Groups: some groups are more vulnerable than others. Young people and adolescents with disabilities as well as their parents, Roma; young people with immigrant backgrounds, young people from divorced families, young people from poor and remote areas.

If you are there, tell us about your experiences & how YOU are finding solutions! For more information on the conference, check out their website: Special thanks to UNICEF CEE/CIS.

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