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Young Envoys

Young Envoys

I have contacted BYEE Alumni Indonesia 2013, recognized as the most eminent young people, to retell the profiles. Below are some of eco-projects assisting our environment of being sustainable and educating children and youth by engaging them in real actions:

1st Envoy: Achmad Solikhin
The eco-project committed by Achmad Solikhin is Jepara’s Biocomposite. It focuses on conversing wastes based lignocelluloses materials including agricultural and forestry wastes into composite boards. The boards will be utilized to substitute solid woods so that it will be able to reduce deforestation. In addition, it helps preserve the intangible culture of Jepara’s local indigenous in form of traditional wood carving motifs. The obtained boards could be designed and carved of being useful furniture, such as jewelry box, artistic air ventilation, calligraphy, small table, and so on. As his expectation, he will establish a business based social entrepreneur which engages unemployed.

2nd Envoy: Richard
The Green Painting for Indonesia is an environmentally friendly project initiated by Richard. This project aims to campaign a green message by mural painting on how important role of the society toward the environment is. Persuading local painters and local societies are the major targets to implement the project. Mural paintings could be campaigned visually in the wall of schools. From that way, students are able to know the meaning of the environmental roles towards human beings. It also helps attract and provoke the spirit of students to study hard.

3rd Envoy: Yunda Fachrunniza
Her project is the Smart Filter Technology. It is emerged because of the increasing water waste produced by households. By using filter membrane directly, it assist absorb organic waste combined with domestic waste water. The mechanism of this system is so simple which is by using active carbon from woods heated until 700 oC. The carbon can also be obtained by carbonization method from other natural fibers consisting of lignocelluloses materials. The project will help reduce organic wastes of water so that they can be separated and used become fertilizer and the other benefits.

4th Envoy: Nana Diana
Her project is the Economical rHash-paperbrick which provides a solution to reduce the abundance wastes of paper wastes and rice husk. These wastes could be utilized as building components for construction by altering them become bricks. The bricks can be implemented in the most occurring earthquake areas to the building construction, especially in Aceh, Indonesia. Thermal properties and strength properties of the bricks are so good, it signs that these are able to shelter our goods and ourselves from the earthquake.

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