Let’s just face the facts… The world is a depressing place

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Inscrit le 26 décembre 2012
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This is how I feel... I question what can be done to help?

This is how I feel... I question what can be done to help?

Before I begin my day/work, I just had to write this post.

I want the world to read this!

I am seriously questioning this world I live in now. I watched the news this morning and nothing was positive!

This morning I have heard:

- Indian slums being destroyed and no significant effort for those to be rehoused.

- Helicopter crash

- Weapons and war

- Poverty and inequality

- Effects of climate change

- Injustice to our health

- Homelessness in New York (20,000 children are also included).

- The Twitter community #childrenofsyria

I look outside and I only ever see one magpie (for those who believe one magpie means sorrow), I am slowly beginning to believe this.

We are not all called a Global Citizen for nothing everyone! What about moral obligations to protecting fellow human beings as far as we can? I don’t mean we should all donate financially every penny we own! However we can all be aware of what is around us.

For those that are lucky not to be effected by major issues, try and be a voice for those who are because God forbid it was you… You would want your voice to be heard!

The list can go on, but who am I to complain behind a screen about the problems of this world? I will spend less time moaning, and put more effort to try and help because small actions help, right?

I do not usually complain, but what a great way to start the New Year, to see our fellow members of the same world we share go through these problems. Try and help everyone, even if it is a prayer or simply bringing awareness to issues you care about to those around you.

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