Let the sun shine a little brighter.

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Inscrit le 13 juin 2012
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On the 3rd of June, 193 people died in an plane crash in Nigeria due to the negligence of the airline owners. The same day about 15 people were burned in a church in Nigeria by Boko Haram. A day before, 15 people were killed after a Nigerian Cargo plane crashed into a bus in Ghana.

Yesterday a bomb killed 25 people in Iraq and the UN warns that Syria is having a civil war. 16 people were also killed in a tribal clash in Libya and there is an ongoing violence in Syria. On the other hand, Spain just requested a bail out last weekend from the Euro-zone and Greece is contemplating getting a bailout too. The EU is not so stable anymore.

It is high time leaders in the UN get a reality check. Every president needs to realize that they are there to serve their people. No more playing politics with people's lives. No more using power for selfish reasons.

Reality check, presidents, monarchs and dictators, it is not all about what you want; It is about what is best. Enough with being selfish. There has been way too much bloodshed in the past year and its high time we put an end to it. Poverty rate has equally surged. There are way more people living in poverty now than in the last 5-10 years. For once, we need to put business aside and make sure that everyone is catered for.

My plea to every President, monarch and dictator today is that they give the sun a chance to shine a little brighter. The only way it would is if the bloodshed is reduced and there are less poor people.

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