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Inscrit le 15 juillet 2011
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Its come to my attention that everyone always talks about how we should make a change, help a bunch of people blah blah blah and they're saying all of this while they're sitting down on their thousand dollar sofa's sitting in front of their TV’s with jersey shore or the bachelorette on like couch potatoes, Doing nothing! . Now I’m not going to go on about how everyone is doing nothing cause once that record is on there’s no turning it off but I just want to know how we can all say we want to make a change but do nothing, how we can go to bed and sleep peacefully when there are thousands of children in Africa dying every day from malnutrition or when there are thousands and thousands of babies being born in to this world with HIV or Aids.

People are dying everyday from different diseases and its up to no one but the youths of today to change that. They’re so many ways we can make a difference, like fundraisers and seminars and even parties! We just need to be willing to try .so I challenge you today to just put a little effort towards making a difference and see the wonders it’ll do for you

I hold 3 fundraisers a week for different causes such as malnutrition and HIV but what would really make it easier if an organization like Unicef had something like “Unicef teens” for teenagers from all over the world to contribute and make a difference and motivate other people to make a difference because no matter how old you are. You’re never too young to make a difference. I’ve written to the head of Unicef in various countries but have still received no reply, hopefully they’d soon begin to promote the idea fingers crossed and we’ll be able to start making a difference as soon as possible ☺

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