Libyan Revolution


Ke Zhao

Libya is in a state of crisis.

In a civil war between military insurgents and Muammar al-Gaddafi's regime, armed conflict has swept the country and raged on for over two hundred days - with no definite end in sight.

But though the light at the end of the tunnel may not yet be clear, this is a revolution born out of necessity. These revolutionaries must continue to fight, to persevere, and to stand up for their basic human rights.

They watched their brothers fall into a pool of their own blood, their large brown eyes losing all the color that they once possessed as any nineteen year-old man had. They marched towards the gate, chanting for freedom and basic human rights, as that tank faced them with cold apathy. They extended their arms as fearless soldiers, waving their flags, demanding what they so rightly possess from that giant, stone-hearted monster of a government.

They, the revolutionaries, along with their nameless army of admirable bravery, marched on with civility and dignity, as men and women barefooted in their own skin in spite of the burning asphalt. They are not following the damned path that so many millions before them have tread like slaves bound to a master. No, they refuse to walk into that same burning Hell.

They are forging their own path. They are breaking the asphalt, and building new roads from ashes, with their own flesh and skin, tears and blood.

Fragile as any young revolutionaries, they may cry. They may cry, but they dare not stop. And so they walk on. They walk on with tears in their eyes - tears for their fallen brothers and sisters - but with their heads held high. Because they will not be chained to the same abusive institution of government any longer; they are determined to be freed and to pave a path of political freedom for the children of the future.

The road is long, and the battle is horrendous.

They are young. They are fearful.

But they must not give up. Because until that monster learns to listen to them, respect them, and treat them as human beings, they must continue to fight for the rights that they rightly deserve.

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