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My life , Zeal and thoughts

My life , Zeal and thoughts

Life they say is sweet, chubby and filled with fun. Thus, we are allowed to take a bite - and at the very end be managed and governed by the taste whether it's sweet, sour or bitter. In my case it differs, I am one of the best, but still I fail. I work twice as much but all my effort ends in the whole, I have been faithful, wanting only divine traits, yet I still remain a vagabond and a beast without parents. I soar for fortunes, where it couldn't be found. What kept me going was my Zeal! I had an enormous one. I have never had fun, neither have I experienced a happy ending, or glamour is the word I suppose. From childhood (birth), until now I have seen no re-innovation of my being. I almost lost my mum to a fatal illness, my dad the 'billionaire,' left and we had nowhere to turn to. My pace became slow and rigid with fear. I joined a group of hooligans due to ignorance and want for justice, which I sort the wrong way! I smoked marijuana, drank alcohol everyday and became totally profane! At the pace of my arrogant and unfriendly life, I was arrested and later released. I couldn't differentiate between my responsibility and that of my family. I lost it all, and because I had a good mum, God changed that strange being inside of me. I learned. And in this phase I discovered why I needed to continue school, and why I needed to be successful. At the cost of my foolishness, it became clear to me why it all happened: why I kept failing and why my hard work never seemed good enough. And why I did the wrong things. But now I see a different me, a youth aspiring for greatness. Now I stay focused on anything, I write, I motivate at the same course, and became an Orator. All these I harnessed in the quest of vanity. Now I am different - like a new born person. Education has helped, but didn't save me, but at least it gave me the ability to think. I had zeal fueled with purpose and endowed by God's Grace! This saved me! Today at 22, I encourage my friends, course-mates and extended family, to be careful, determined and have a bright purpose towards life. No matter how massive the failure is apply that God-Given-Zeal! When you find yourself repeating a particular task over and over again, that is when you begin to understand the purpose of doing IT. So be prepared for it. And don't forget! In pleasure, creativity dies!

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