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Inscrit le 2 mai 2011
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Perhaps the real problem is not Teen Suicide. Perhaps it's just a problem of communication. I am talking. Are you listening? If you are listening, do you understand me? If you do, are you reacting accordingly? If you don't, are you asking me questions?

A teenager would not just wake up one day and decide to commit suicide. It is often a progressive routine, which consist of numerous amount of rejection, misunderstanding, and misrepresentation. This happens when a teen sets out to find his/her identity - one's place in society.

We call this Voices of Youth, but who is listening to us? The French Teen who set himself on fire and started the Tunisian (Arab) Revolution really stirred things up. It's extreme, but the world listened. Let's go back to the root. The problem doesn't start from suicide. It's starts with when the teen gets to know that he/she has no voice and cannot be heard - albeit family, friends (peers), teachers, government, and society at large.

Listen To Me | Make Me Strong #ScoreOrOffside

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