London Burning: Damage And Fear At Its Worst As Youth Rebel Against Goverment

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Inscrit le 21 juillet 2011
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Only a few days ago, London was a peaceful, first world city boasting after its many success's. Behind the cheery facade looms the out-of-hand protests from last year and years of unfair justice to the middle and working class forecasting in Tony's words " “This was always going to happen,”.

Many predicted a violent backlash would occur, but many did not expect mass riots that would leave millions of pounds worth of damage to public and personal property as well as the many victims of the riots clearly traumatized. The riots are still happening live, in London.

Cars and buildings burning, shops being looted, the scene in London sounds more suited to a nightmare. Fearful residents wait inside and are trapped as most of London's transport system had been suspended. Others are unsure if it is there children that are apart of the hundreds of youth raiding London violently, some even deploying mini bombs and arson's.

Most of the youth are said to be aged 21 and under with the youngest to be 7 years old. Others have reported that the looters seem to be mainly girls, and sights of the youth lining up outside stores in broad daylight to steal goods. Some people blame absent fathers and broken homes. Others say it is the widespread use of free messaging like blackberry, that has allowed the mobbing to be arranged without any knowledge, and spontaneously; another factor that is frightening locals and tourists around London.

The mystery surrounding London has been as to why the riots have been happening. Some pointed at racial differences; but this was quickly dismissed by David Lammy, MP top Tottenham, "Not a race riot." Others pointed at the death of Mark Duggan, saying that his death fueled the riots. It is suspected this could have been a reason but not a cause. Tottenham has over 10 000 people seeking job seekers allowance. The recent bills passed, including that of university fees tripling, has been enough to enrage the borough, which has always relied on the government to provide sound education and living assistance, where needed. In fact "1,000 richest people in Britain rose by 30 per cent to £333.5 billion."

Perhaps the only solution is a tough governmental response? The event without a doubt will be promoting further questions, into why their was majority of woman? What do the youth need, to have a sense of value and pride? Why is London's youth rebelling in these extreme ways? Thug mentality and mobbing is pure criminality. With London going into its fourth day of riot, residents have another exhausting night to fight, and more fear to battle with.

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