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Inscrit le 6 août 2012
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Current number of youth in Indonesia is estimated at approximately one hundred twenty seven million people. Great potential needs to be directed to the future of the nation. Youth need to always be caring and responsive and should have a sense of humanity (sense of humanism) to fellow children of the nation, in this case the youth should be involved and participate in disaster management, alert and responsive in the face of disaster. Then the consistency that must be born from the heart and soul of youth. Needed once the role of youth to always act not for its own sake but for the benefit of the wider community, not even the name of the people but for its own sake. Do not close our eyes so many young people today are stuck with a variety of lifestyles, as if to forget what belongs to this nation. Everyday language, communication style, until the association became a major focus in looking at the consistency of the youth today. Currently the times was extraordinary if not supported by the moral, mental and binding rules. Where is the future it will be taken if the consistency of youth Indonesia was no longer able to dispel the various issues that weaken the nationalism that led to the fragile sense of unity and oneness.

From now on must-spirited youth social, virtuous, and sincere work for humanity, there is no more time to laze around, helping each other and the nation, made catastrophic events as the experience of life and as a mirror to move and build our beloved country Indonesia . Provide evidence of the struggle in any form for the next generation of young people and comes with consistency. To date the program has demonstrated that there is consistency owned by the youth of Indonesia. With a social life and a high sense of humanity, they joined hands to help each other on the emergence of various disasters in this country. There were no differences in religion, ethnicity, race, class and regional languages. They were all together in a noble purpose, namely to love the country, nation, and humanity for the sake of togetherness.

(From: Dokumen Pemuda TQN Suryalaya ,Link: )

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