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Student of Brooklyn International High School

Student of Brooklyn International High School

On December 3, 2013, my high school, Brooklyn International, was invited to attend an event in which UNICEF’s new Goodwill Ambassador was announced. When I entered the UNICEF House, I felt so happy because inside the building there were pictures of children from around the world. Those children looked poor, like they don’t have an opportunity to get an education. I felt proud because I have the ability to advance my education. But it also made me think of those less fortunate. I also saw pictures of Katy Perry with children. I started to think, why are Katy Perry’s pictures here at UNICEF House? Then, I heard people talking about the fact that Katy Parry was coming to this event. At that point, I felt nervous and excited. I was really excited that I was going to meet the world famous singer, Katy Perry. Also, I was really thankful to UNICEF because they gave me the opportunity to attend this event. My favorite part of the day was listening to her new song, Unconditionally, which was really lovely and touching. Also, her pictures with children in Madagascar were awesome!

I feel really happy to think about Katy Perry being UNICEF's newest Goodwill Ambassador because she is a famous singer and her fans will like to hear from her. This is going to benefit UNICEF’s work because it will be good for those children who don’t have an opportunity to go to school. This way, people will help them. “I believe young people have the power to change their own lives, with our help,” said Katy, which means Katy Perry wants people to help those children who don’t have the same opportunities. Katy Perry is a famous singer, which means she has a lot of fans who listen to her songs. So I think she can write songs, which include positive messages, to inspire young people to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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