Make the World a Better Place by Helping Children in Needs

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Inscrit le 30 octobre 2012
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I realized how lucky I was when I was a little kid to be living in a loving family and to have access to all the things I needed when I had an opportunity to do some volunteer work in the Tay Bac region of Vietnam. Children go to the paddy fields in the early morning to help their parents or take care of their younger brothers and sisters. If they were me, at this point, I would be sleeping, eating a delicious breakfast and then going to school.

Witnessing with my own eyes what these children have to go through, I shed tears and realize how lucky I was. I also realized that I should help these children. Everyday I went to the fields with them and in the evening my group taught them how to read and write because all of us realized that literacy is so important, not only for their lives but also for the country.

The situation in Tay Bac area was extremely difficult. There was no electricity and mosquitoes were flying everywhere but these kids ignored the difficulties and tried to read aloud and writing industriously. After the lesson, they went home and brought some food to us. I was moved to tears when a little girl told us that If we hadn't come here to teach them, their lives would have be empty and they would have suffered from famine in the future. Despite all that, persuading their parents to let the children study was at first very hard. They thought that studying was not useful since it wouldn't bring food to the table. But after a while they realized that learning made their children so happy and they changed their minds. Doing some volunteering work for these children changed my outlook on life.

I hope everyone does something to make the world better, especially for the future generation and advice students to try to study hard.

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