Mental illness - It can do much better without the social stigma.

no picture Amreen Khalid Shaikh
Inscrit le 18 juillet 2012
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When someone tells you that he/she is suffering from a coronary disease, his/her child is suffering from pneumonia do we give them a weird look and make them feel uncomfortable ? Do we consider them as social outcasts ? Or advise them to put them up with chains away from the world ? Or do you'll feel ashamed of a family member suffering from the same? Or do we support them and advise them to seek professional help ?

I guess most of us do the latter part. Then WHY do we treat people suffering from mental illnesses so differently than those suffering a physical illness ? Why do we look down upon people suffering from Depression, Schizophrenia, Autism, Mania, Obsessive compulsive disorder etc ? Why can we not support them and encourage them to seek professional help ? Why can't they be a part of our society in the same way the others do ? Why are they deprived of their rights, which by the way are the same as of the people not suffering from mental illness ? Why are they ill-treated ? Why can't we accept our family member suffering from the same ?

Why the hypocrisy ?

Open your mind and look around, we all need to.

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