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Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Imagine that you are a fish in the ocean but there is no water, imagine that your a bird in the wood but there are no trees and imagine you are a polar bear in the Arctic but there are no ice-lands. The life of more than million species in the world is in a major danger. Many animals are threatened by Homelessness even the human race is facing a huge threat and "Sandy Storm" ( Formed October 22, 2012 /affected Greater Antilles, Bahamas, most of the eastern United States (especially the coastal Mid-Atlantic States), Bermuda, eastern Canada ) is a great example.

Pollution and the excessive use of the Natural Resources are the major causes of the environmental problems and the Global Warming. People around the world attempt to consume without reflecting on the drawbacks that this misuse of the natural resources may cause, the overuse of cars, the building of more factories -thinking only in money- , the deforestation all this factors had negatively impacted on the earth.

I suggest that the United Union -UNICEF- would work hardly in sensitizing the people around the world and to apply more environmental campaign in the third world countries -like Tunisia, my country-. We have to work all together to save the earth, hand in hand to survive the fight , we have to think of our children, our grandchildren and the next generation, to think about the future. we have to do this for the living species, for your children, for you ... for the EARTH, for HOME. !!

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