Nelson Mandela: our role model, the symbol of triumph of peace and justice.

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Awareness of inequalities, intolerance and racism was the whole from which Nelson Mandela began his struggle in South Africa due to apartheid, a system of racial segregation enforced by National Party from 1948 to 1994 (despite its abolishing in 1990 through new legislation, it didn’t disappear until democratic general elections in 1994).

Mandela was the highest example of democratic leadership in social movements in this country. His values were solidarity, equality, respect, tolerance, peace and friendship, and he stood up for these in order to get reconciliation, democracy, equal citizenry, good quality of life and improvement of South Africa in terms of public policies, social welfare and civil rights for all people, without taking into account race, origin or gender.

Nelson Mandela is our symbol in the future, our role model. He provided to world’s inhabitants a way of thinking, a way of acting, a way of embracing and defending what we wouldn’t want in our relatives, friends or partners, but around the world. He taught us the idea of powerful feeling of a country, a nation where the freedoms and duties as citizens of a state governed by the rule of law were the same for all.

Social medias, newspapers and Internet are an opportunity so as to know reality, because borders sometimes hamper being aware about what is happening wherever (even though we can’t see all completely).

Thanks to globalized world, we are able to know, discern, discuss and propose solutions about problems and conflicts which can be suffering in the other side of Earth.

For this reason, because of multicultural knowledge, friendships around the world and news daily, we have the skills and abilities to make decisions and fight in our homes, schools, universities, areas and countries in order to help finish with discrimination, inequality, and other violations of human rights.

Youth can contribute to fighting these prejudices. We can participate with governmental institutions or organizations through public policies. If we come up with ideas, they will listen us. Many proposals which have become realities were born in agreements among citizens.

That is, public policies as well as our voices are very important to eradicate submission, subjugation, assassination, executions and serious felonies to communities and nations which people have suffered since unmemorable times in countless ways.

Nelson Mandela, your death is a sadness for us. You are the triumph of justice and peace. Our example.

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