Nestle CEO takes privatisation one sip to far.

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Inscrit le 2 septembre 2013
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So I was directed to this article today and as I read it I literally wanted to scream! What on earth?! Peter Brabeck, CEO of Nestle, is claiming that water should not be a public right and that it should be owned by corporations. Now, I'm going to hope that he hasn't even considered the consequences of what would happen to those living in slum areas if this were to manifest as I cannot bare the thought that he has thought this ok. You see, while Peter Brabeck sit’s in his office with a multi-million pound business up his sleeve talking about what human rights we should or should not have, there are people struggling to gain access to water despite its ‘availability.’ So whats Brabeck’s answer to this..maximise the amount of people that this will happen to by privatising it?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND! I question him as to why he feels the need to exploit others human rights in order for his own self-gratification and greed. Nestle has already been caught up with Ivory Coast scandals and I really think that businesses should not be able to function with such a lack of regard to human suffering. He has the audacity to spout nonsense about corporate social responsibility. I’m not sure he would understand the meaning if it were spelt out in his chocolate that he shamelessly manufactures at the cost of human dignity in the Ivory Coast. I suspect that Peter Brabeck hasn’t had a day in his life where he has struggled for water. He claims that it should be privatised to show the worth of water but this show a lack of thought on his part. Those that don’t have regular access to it already know the worth and it will be them that suffer most.

During a trip of mine abroad, a fire ripped through a slum area the same week as a typhoon hit. Due to a combination of factors there was no water available for the people who had lost their homes. This meant that no food could be cooked to take to the evacuation centre. This meant that those who had been covered in ash could not get washed. This meant that no one could receive a drink of water. Every single person there valued and cherished water when it was received knowing the importance and worth of it. Not only this, they shared it. You see that’s the difference with developing countries they share much better than western countries do. Whilst we fight over our last Rolo and aim to privatise every sector we can get our hands on they are sharing every mouthful of food they have and being an example of what it means to be a community. So, Brabeck please do not make out that man need to learn the importance of water - I think who needs to learn the importance of water is YOU!

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