New Countries, New Projects


Inscrit le 27 mars 2013
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We are very proud to welcome two new countries to the Voices of Youth Connect team: South Africa and Zambia.

In South Africa, the Young Reporters Network has been working in different provinces implementating radio programs in youth clubs and partnering with local radio stations allowing youth participants to investigate local issues and to initiate a dialogue within the community to address these issues.

Voices of Youth Connect will join this wonderful initiative by providing a curriculum and a space for participants to post their stories and broadcast their audio pieces online – for the whole world to hear. A specially designed Voices of Youth Connect curriculum on violence and HIV/AIDS will help these young community inspirations to investigate the issues in their surroundings. The young reporters will not only be able to share their views via Voices of Youth Connect but they will also be able to listen to reports from their peers in other parts of the country as well as around the world and engage in discussions.

In Zambia, 10 schools in different provinces are participating to Voices of Youth Connect. The session will be facilitated entirely by peer-educators, the youth ambassadors and will focus on acquiring life skills. The discussions will be around positive decision-making and preparedness to adulthood. Youth participants will lead on the themes they will focus on by exploring and investigating local issues, taking action in their communities, documenting their work by producing media pieces and sharing their impact with the global online community.

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