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What makes us better humans than the places we live in?

When you wake up, don't you want to hear the birds chirping, feeling the cool morning breeze, seeing how the sun rises and shines? And when you are walking on the streets, don't you want to walk beside a flowery garden that makes you feel relaxed?

Maybe everyone is now aware of the GLOBAL WARMING ISSUE and the greenhouse effect. Maybe flood happens more frequently than in the past years. Maybe the climate changes so dramatically. You know why? It's mostly because of us. And again, we can't blame anyone for the earth's deadly condition. We took the chance to have a more instant living, but we forget that we already damaged the earth without entirely fixing it.

Factories are built; air conditioners, hairsprays, and electricity are used. Trees are felled. I can say that we are manipulating the earth without giving back what it has before. And I know that some people have the vision to make a change. Some green movements are now run by countries. But a few people with high missions are nothing if they don't get the support from everyone. Let's just say that if a thousand of people are trying to plant new trees, and million others cut them back, it will mean nothing.

The world is ours, because we live together inside it. If you want to live in a better future, NOW is the time to change. Well you don't have to be inside an organization and do the campaign all the time. There are always simpe-but-helping ways. For example :

     1. Turn off all the electricity you don't use. Don't leave them on stand-by
     2. Use both sides of paper. Don't waste it like it means nothing to you
     4. Take a walk if you want to go somewhere close. It makes you healhty too.
     5. Make sure that your tap is fully shut when you don't use it


If you can make a good habit, and there are millions of people like you, I am completely sure that we can actually change. A simple action can make a great change.

Create a better environment, live healthy, be happy.

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