On the issue of abortion

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This issue of abortion is one of the most discussed worldwide.

In my opinion, abortion in cases of extreme health must be authorized. But for negligence and carelessness (most cases) pregnant women should let the fetus develop. After a week, the fetus is already considered a human, and like everyone, has the right to life. If the woman does not want to raise the child after birth, the mother should give the child up for adoption. Thousands of infertile couples around the world are expecting a child. Why not contribute to someone's happiness?

To give it up for adoption, the mother is giving the baby a chance to have a life worthy of a human. Abortion is considered by me, a murder.

And to end the life of the child, the pregnancy can lead to death. Consider it an opportunity of a better world. Imagine. If the mother of Mandela, Gandhi, or any other global symbol had decided to abort. The world would not have improved because there was no contribution of these idols they have made their mark.

In most cases, a pregnant woman who aborts her child, suffers from traumatic depression for killing her fetus. In addition, there are physical health damages to the mother who decides to abort. And if the woman can withstand the pain of aborting a baby, also can withstand the pain of giving birth.

* Thanks for reading my opinion!

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