One Child Policy In China: A Real Solution?

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© UNICEF/UKLA2013-02446/Lovell

© UNICEF/UKLA2013-02446/Lovell

Since the 1950s, China has installed birth control in the law, and during these past decades, this law has become stricter and stricter, and developed to the One Child Policy.. But is it always for the best, or should there be a limit? What are the real consequences of this law today?


During the end of the 1940s, China decided to take control of the issue of the population growth and introduced birth control into the law, and started to sell and advertise more about contraceptives, to make the people go along with the new rules. But the people weren’t that interested. So, the birth control law didn’t come to its ultimate point until 1970s, where the One Child Policy was founded. It became much more successful than 20 years ago, since the doctors and the politicians now had more knowledge about abortion techniques, effective contraceptives and sterilization. Due to this, this law became more established in the society.

The Law

But what does the One Child Policy say? Each family shouldn’t have more than one child, preferably a boy. Only in special cases, like when the first child dies in a natural way or if the first child is a girl, the family can have two children. To prevent the mothers having more than one child, the law forces them to have an abortion, or they sterilize both men and women. In some cases, infants have been killed. Rich people can pay a very high fee if they want to have another child.

The funny thing is that this law has caused some problems for China too since the birth of boys is preferred over girls. The number of women is disconcertedly low, and because of this, many Chinese men can’t find a partner to get married either, which is apparently an important thing to do for the men of the country: get married and start a family.

My thoughts

The thing that is so horrible about this law is the fact that the couples can’t choose the future of their family; they are forced to kill their own children before they are born, without having the power to do anything. In 2013, 400 million abortions were made. I think the family has been destroyed by this law; the dream of having the family you want has been torn apart, along with many innocent children’s lives. The fact that women are forced to have an abortion is another horrible detail of the One Children Policy. Today’s society says that every woman should be able to decide what to do with her body because it’s hers and nobody else. So the woman in question should have the right to decide if she wants to have an abortion or not.

I think that whatever you or the other’s opinion on abortion is, I think everyone has the right to choose what to do. The One Child Policy is doing the exact opposite on that principal. That’s why I think this law should be abolished as soon as possible because killing children and forcing women into abortion and destroying families like this is absolutely not a solution to the population growth in China

A Brighter Future?

Luckily enough, there is some light in all this. In fact, the One Child Policy became less severe by the start of 2013: more families with several issues or who are in a special situation are now allowed to have three children. Could this be a step forward to a better future? I don’t know, but I will still be hoping for this thing to stop as soon as possible. For me, there’s still hope for the future.

Susanna Mattei.

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