OneMinutesJr workshop in Hong Kong

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OneMinutesJr workshop in Hong Kong

OneMinutesJr workshop in Hong Kong

The OneMinutesJr team is in Hong Kong this week to pave the ground for the Believe in zero, make a video! campaign of the UNICEF National Committee for UNICEF (

Young people from Hong Kong can apply for summer camps where they get trained to be filmmakers and take their right to expression to a new level. Three experienced OneMinutesJr trainers from Germany, the Netherlands and the USA are in town this week to work with a group of 20 boys in the Hong Kong Juvenile Care Centre and to train local artists who will then take over and lead the series of summer workshops coming up in July and August.

Two days into the workshop, there are lots of interesting stories shaping up about the boys and their fears, dreams, wishes and ambitions. You can follow the progress on the OneMinutesJr facebook page ( if you like. And if you happen to be from Hong Kong, why don't you apply for the summer camp?

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