Orange Day: November 25th. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. United Nations.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. United Nations.

Today is the day, Orange Day, which is celebrated on November 25th!

Since 2008 with the creation of UNiTE to End Violence Against Women by the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, there have been campaigns fomenting plans to decrease and extinguish gender violence to eliminate inequalities. The aim is to promote civil, criminal, penal and processal laws, in favor of affected persons, and penalizing attackers.

Victims suffer in the presence of conventionalisms and stereotypes about masculinity and femininity. These effects are integrated in minds and societies and it’s this moment when sexism is born. Inside this scale of characteristics there are aspects which range from social to personal. For example, when women can’t drive, or when she is forced to do housework alone due to patriarchy in a particular country.

Thus, the direct consequence is appearance of underestimation, whose result is the formation of a succession of imposed imperatives which becomes a part of a lot of people’s lives. For this reason, roles and status are defined by criterions of differentiation, activities in daily life, and even, in public positions which women are dependent on men. Subordinate people are subjugated to people who have power and strength. When there are demands due to this situation (even without these demands), men use their force against them.

Therefore, women have been suffering violence since the beginning of humanity in all forms and historical contexts. Some of them for instance, in the face of their situation, decided to work as a prostitute. All of these situations have caused a new degeneration of women’s consideration because the idea of inferiority is perpetuated. Nevertheless, it’s an effect produced because of some women’s desesperation and needs, or even due to an obligation.

For this reason, we must keep in mind the current idea of violence against women, and we have to know all countless reasons which have caused this situation in their several forms. Because, with a knowledge of all of them, we will be able to promote actions in our homes, schools and universities, towns, governments, men and women, famous people, NGOs, public and private organizations.

Not only do women suffer this violence, but also there are men who suffer that violence around the world. Statistics show that in Latin America, some areas in the USA and several countries in Asia, men have suffered violence. Violence is prevalent in their lives in dangerous neighbourhoods (and the resulting violence in women as well as men) or situations of polyandry (when a woman marries with more than one man). This concept is different from polygyny (a man marries with more than one woman), and but both constitute the known “polygamy,” which can make space for conflicts between rival spouses or an idea of superiority in a person who has married others. Women suffer violence around the world, especially in little-developed countries (in some nations from Africa, Asia and Latin America), violence has increased among young people, even in multicultural societies.

In conclusion, we are the agents of change. Education is the main tool in order to make people aware since they are the children, as well as the reception of people who have already suffered violence. It is important to protect them and to be key subjects in an approach to find solutions in this situation which is slowly improving.

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