Our Health at Risk in Schools

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Inscrit le 17 mars 2014
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The Tech Girls club of Sakasaka Primary is happy to share the plight of pupils in the school with the rest of the world on the poor sanitation and health hazards they face at school.

The windows of our classrooms and doors are broken and as a result, some scrupulous people in the school community defecate in the classrooms in the night. Pupils have to spend valuable time cleaning and washing the feces out every morning.

Aside from this, the choked gutters in the school often give a very bad smell and a lot of pupils fall sick of typhoid fever. The community rubbish dumping post is also very closer to the school and produces a lot of flies that fly over children's food during break periods.

The Tech girls club would like to take up this issue with the Headmistress, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Management Committee (SMC) in an interview on how the sanitation situation in the school can be improved upon to reduce the health risk of pupils and teachers in the school.

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