Our Home, Our Future

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Let us Build a Stronger Foundation with Equality.

Let us Build a Stronger Foundation with Equality.

Have you ever thought about home and a brighter horizon? Is it not obvious that our lives will continually be entangled with the visions of our bedrock, and our lineage? I have tried my best to understand the reasons why we cannot forget home even though we want to and we can't!
It baffles me because " The essence of life which is carved from nature is fragmented in the fabric of our system". These fragments constitute a redefinition in life and its prospect. But today, the home we once talked about and hoped to return to is not as worthy as it used to be. It is now a blurred vision, a vision rising from misconception, greed and absolute ignorance. Nature has turned hands, and due to a lack of understanding, humans have altered the way of life for selfish reasons. The majority shares the lot, while the minors are set to destruction like pawns in a chess game. It is a shame to come back to a place you have longed for, and the scene doesn't justify its essence. Let us build our home and make our foundation a solid ground for our children to grow with equality.
Let Us Fight And Advocate For Change.

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