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Imen Al-Nighaoui
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How does it feel to walk barefoot, half naked with your eyes closed and all you can feel is your frozen bones. Down there you can't see, you can't talk... you can't be. The only thing you are able to do is to hear; to hear them talking, to hear them cursing at you and to hear them coldly laughing. Time has no meaning over there, whether it is morning or night it doesn't matter since all you can see and recognize is darkness. Imagine that they are torturing you everyday, invading every inch of your body, nothing is yours anymore not even your soul. Your head is crowded with their words, they are screaming in your ears "you are nothing, you are just a number on the list." You are beaten you so hard to the point that you won't be able to feel anything. Down there you are not a human anymore, they treat you like an animal. Down there feelings are not allowed, no emotions. There you don't have the right to love, to hate or to dream. But after spending hours or maybe days torturing you and throwing you inside that cold dirty small room, they happily tell you "And now you have the right to feel pain." You may cry sometimes, well whether you cry in tears or in blood, it doesn't matter since you still recognize the warmth of the drops of your rainy sky. Family, those faces that you won't be able to touch again. You are lucky enough to see them in those rare moments between nightmares and reality. Of course that is, if you still remember them; their faces, their voices and their smiles. And here you are once again - alone in a very cold place. A place not colder than your loneliness though. All you can do is countdown the screams of the other people who are just like you: lonely and cold. In the end and during those empty seconds where you are still allowed to wonder you ask yourself "why am I here?" Of course they will answer you in a cold filthy voice: "Because you think and because you said NO .. and you know very well that you are not allowed to do so." Then you realize that just because you were brave and strong to say "Enough.. enough corruption, enough of these lies and enough of the dirty politics," they have destroyed your life. And yes, you have been tortured because you dared to say "I want to be free, I want to live decently." They stole everything form you just because you asked for your right to speak your mind and because you told them to stop stealing your money and because you demanded the truth. And now you feel stronger, saying to yourself "you are in the right path, hold on a little longer." Looking around you, all you can see is bright darkness that blinded your eyes. Suddenly you see a light coming in from the small gap between the door and the ground. You start to crawl toward that light, just like a moth. You whisper to yourself "I will survive, I will not give up. I'll do it for my country, for my people." And then you do.


You may not understand what I am talking about, not because you can't but maybe because you didn't spend 23 years of your life living under a dictatorship. Sadly in my country and in many others, people were jailed because they opposed the state regime. For many years in my country, we were not allowed to say what was on our minds. We were simply not able to ask for our fundamental rights. Many of them died, some are mentally disabled and others are trying to survive. They sacrificed their life for a better future and for happier days. Nothing is over and our battle is still going on. All human beings are equal and have the right to live peacefully. We are all meant to be free and to express our opinions freely and without pressures. Just recalling one situation: Last time in class one of my classmates said "in this world only the powerful people will survive," and my teacher replied with a calm smile "call me delusional but I believe only the good ones do." And yes they will.

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