Parents and Education: How Do You Think?

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Education is one of the most important things to make a better society. I said this a lot even in some of my previous posts. When we are talking about education, most of us will directly think that it has always been school. It is not wrong, but I want to remind you that education started at home. Family, especially parents, play a key role in educating the children, transmitting values, norms, and knowledge.

Parents are the first person that the children know, and parents are also the closest person to the children. That is why the process of transmitting the values, norms, and knowledge starts within the family – because parents and children get a lot of contacts from each other. As the children are usually illustrated as the white paper, however, their parents have the responsibility to ‘write’ their characteristic and of course the way they think. What have been learnt from the family is somehow the base of the knowledge so that they can survive in social life and improve their knowledge into more complicated form, like science and skills.

Parents can be the best consultant for their children. For every single thing that they don’t understand, parents are always at the top of the list as the most trustable source. If the question is too hard to be explained or even if the parents don’t know the answer, they still can look after another person or method that is capable to make their children understand about those things. Even in my country, and I believe in yours too, parents’ advice is always the best, because somehow parents will never have a bad thought to make their children fall into problems.

However, I have found nowadays, especially as the children grow older, some parents become the drivers for their children’s lives. You will find this case more often in traditional society. There is an overlapping role as the person who knows the best.

Take a look at your country, or maybe city, or even your neighborhood. Does this kind of problem usually appear? How is the children’s mental condition? In my opinion, children must listen to their parents, and parents cannot take away their children’s lives by making them live below the parents’ orders and dreams. Maybe I can call this as a very simple form of democracy, and this is also a simple example of a win-win solution. I also want to emphasize that no matter what, you still have to love your parents, as they never want to do anything bad to you. But still, how do you get this?

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