Parents, HIV/AIDS and Contraceptives. What do YOU think?



In 2008… 33.4 million people were living with HIV/AIDS.

2 million people died from HIV/AIDS. 280 000 of these were CHILDREN.

Africa had OVER 14 MILLION AIDS orphans.

And this is why I have chosen to raise this topic. We all know STDs threaten the lives of many South African Youth, as well as Youth around the world. As 2010 is a year for the youth, I feel that discussing HIV/AIDS and other STDs is an important topic to consider.

What I would like to know is:

What are your views on condoms/contraceptives being handed out or available from schools?

I know this is a really debatable and sensitive subject, as most parents in general never want to accept the fact that their child may be sexually active. Every parent wants their child to remain celibate for as long as possible, and so, in general, parents may be strongly against contraceptives available from schools, as this may just encourage their children to experiment with sex.

But!!! What about the Youth out there, who are already sexually active, but are too ashamed to tell their parents this and do not know where to get a hold of contraceptives?? They remain sexually active… having UNSAFE SEX.

I feel this is a great threat to our generation of youth, because there is also still an alarmingly large amount of people who are actually NOT aware of HIV/AIDS! They do not know how one can become infected by the disease, what it does to you, where it comes from and most importantly… HOW TO PREVENT IT!

It shocks me to hear that some children in my School still believe that AIDS originated from Apes, or can only infect Homosexuals. The reason for this is because, not all Schools educate learners on this topic, and in some rural areas, villages, and even households, HIV/AIDS is not discussed and is believed to be some sort of TABOO or something.

I think that a very important discussion needs to be had about the availability of contraceptives to the Youth and the importance of educating people about the risks of sexual intercourse. MDG number 5 is improving Maternal Health, and I think this topic should fall under there.


What do you say??

By Emer, South Africa

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