Past Mistakes and Consequences


Inscrit le 27 février 2012
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In the past, before pollution destroyed our planet, our home Earth was a wonderful place to live. The air was fresh, the water from the rivers was clean, and the land was fertile. The world, back then, was a much nicer place. Although technology has change our lives for the better, we often forget about the consequences that may arise from harming the environment.

For instance, in order to drive, we need petrol or gas which produces carbon emission which pollutes the environment. We win when it comes to getting from point A to point B or transporting cargo but we lose at the end from having to breathe exhaust fumes from our cars and polluting the planet.

Cars were built with the good intention to make transportation faster and easier but we failed to address the environmental problems associated with cars. We are all aware that environmental problems affect us but some people choose to ignore it and create more environmental problems instead. Is it because of greed, a lack of education or just pure ignorance? It took us a while to realize what we had done to the environment but more people are taking steps now to solve our past mistakes and create green technologies to build a better future. Is it too late to save the planet? I don't think so but let's not create more pollution. We have too much of it already!

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