Peace Without Arms

Avatar Aliza Syed
Inscrit le 28 juin 2014
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BOOM! The building is falling, surrounded by fire. You don't know where to go, you think about your family but the whole city is on fire, and there's no saving them. No last goodbyes, No I love you's. Nothing! Just a painful, fearful death. Your kids might be wondering, "Why isn't dad here to save us?" But you are too far to even see them for the last time. And you'll think "What did I do to deserve a death like this?"

I can't imagine myself in that situation, and neither can you. But this happened many years before in Hiroshima and that's exactly what's happening in Gaza right at this moment. Every innocent kid dying has the right to ask, "What did I do? "Wasn't the war between the governments?"

People like me & you have nothing to do with the fancy-politics of the world. All we want to do is spend our lives at peace, man! We have virtual friends all over the world. No matter from where they are, they're amazing people with amazingly unique traditions. And trust me, none of them deserve to die. I might be just 15 with not-so-impressive skills, but I do know one thing, that anyone with no matter how much authority doesn't have any right to kill anyone. Each and every person has the right to live, and that's exactly how it should be.

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