Philippine education on its lowest point

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Education is never and will never be removed from the Philippines' long list of dilemmas. Alongside with poverty, health, and corruption, education is a front-runner when it comes to getting the government's attention.

My country surely offers quality education. Or should I say, private schools in my country offer good education. However, I sympathize those who are too financially challenged and who are deprived of resources to be able to study in a private school.

The government surely responds to this by their public schools program. But as for the quality of education, I don't think Filipino children are getting what they deserve.

Public school teachers are, of course, in no competition with the private school teachers when it comes to salary. Since they are getting this kind of amount, public school teachers are forced to transfer and apply to private schools. Thus, this will result to a crisis in the public schools sector. What's more saddening is that, good teachers from public schools are bound to apply overseas and just practice their profession to other nation leaving the poor children behind.

We can never blame them. To survive everyday, they need adequate salary. We cannot also blame the government for this. The government cannot anymore sustain the salary of these teachers. Education is not the only problem my country is facing right now. Therefore, the government is being subjected to choose the most important problem to face.

What I suggest is for the present administration to post a mandatory service from the graduating teachers from the state universities. First, having been in the state university, these students must know very well what it is like to have nothing. Plus, I highly recommend that the administration must require them to help the public schools deliver education. This can serve as their way of giving back.

In this way, the students who are expecting will be given a chance to a proper education. Every year, we have tons of graduating student teachers and giving their service for at least a year won't make them less of a person. This can actually help them improve their skills in their chosen field and at the same time contribute to the betterment of education in the Philippines.

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