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Speaking about pornography is not a relevant issue to be discussed without proper maturity and levels of experience. Apparently, this issue encapsulates an average age group including teenagers who start to be interested on understanding it deeply. Furthermore, it will prompt teenagers to look at what pornography is and more about themselves.

Most of us will say that pornography will not reveal a positive side in the realm of teenagers because it brings about harmful thoughts in the future. However, the existing accelerated high technology can’t ban or obstruct the spread of pornography. For instance, teens can easily seek out pornography by obtaining a magazine. In addition, without filtering the internet access, notably forbidden links related to the above, will enable teens to happily search inappropriate pictures or videos. For teenagers who can’t seek pornography, perhaps they don’t have the ability to receive information on the computer linked to the internet.

Unexpected things have occurred in the past year: pornography has been added to some games. Irrespective to the detail of the gist of games, parents will not feel that there are some troubles and harmful things on some games, as if such games are just funny and can refresh the thoughts of teens. The fantasy of pornography is close to a sexual emotion. Based on the research of Wayne Grinwis, the fantasy will be much more dominated by men than women because women are the targeted sex to serve men. In addition, Wayne also add that teens who are actively seeking out and viewing pornography are predominantly male, girls are just affected by the message boys receive. The continuously exposures of pornographic fantasy to teens will generate sexual deviation such as rape, masturbation, sexual abuse and violence and so forth. On the other hand, sexual deviations such as gay, lesbian and bisexual are the further effects when they don’t have the desire to the opposite gender they want.

EDUCATION: School and parents can advise and teach them the limitation of sexual areas especially pornography. Here, pornography is the best way to educate teens in the future to steep to the right. The SCHOOL can use a CURRICULA for students about pornography and sex education. Another way is for parents to teach their children to act properly by appropriating with their understanding level on pornography.

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