Possible factor that might influence positive Environmental behavior


Inscrit le 21 février 2012
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Johann Wolfgang said that behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays his or her image positive or negative. It all depends on the nurture influences on individual over that period of time and for us to changes that nurture, that might influence that individual. We need to take our environmental campaign off the pages of newspapers to the next level. It’s required our corporate responsibility to help protected our environment through public campaigns, Social network and government policy on environmental behavior. As we all know that behavior those not change easily it required both of us personal effort.

Public campaigns can be defined in so many ways but on this context it’s a well know planned action for a specific purpose to create awareness and educate the public about global warming in a public gathering like shopping mall, schools, markets and government parastatal . Also media has larger role to play in this type of Public campaign because majority of the public are connected to media program just as radio, newspaper, television and internet. This process will help in reminding them daily, within a period of time they become conscious of it. Also it will help in persuading individual to improve their behavior toward environment by going green.

On the other hand Social network will help influence behavior; we all are the product of our environment just as Family, school, peer group, work place and Religion. We found our self in one of this category in life. They have shape our life positive or negatively to think or belief in a certain direction in which we now has reference groups that we inspired to be like. Also technology has provided us with social network platform were we can enlighten them on the importance of the global warming and influence them to change their attitude toward making our environmental a better place. We can encourage them to reject plastic and get recycling bag when going for shopping.

For environmental behavior to be effective in our society, government can never be left out in fighting environmental behavior because they have a larger role in policy making that can have positive effects on the society but it will better in long term. There are lots of policies but subject government should come out with the following policy. 1. Offering green products at a discount prices, this will encourage sharp change in behavior and government should reduced tax for producer that has desire to total go green in their products. 2. Government should introduce climate change as a topic in academic curricular from nursery school to High school. Hence these two policies will make great impact in the life of the citizen.

Therefore conclude by saying that Government policy, Public campaign and Social campaign will influence positive environmental behavior.

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