no picture Nadine Bernardino
Inscrit le 12 juin 2013
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I'm new here and I really love the description of this site. We all have that voice. It may not be loud and powerful like yours or like those who are above us but we still have that one voice and I think it is just right for us to be heard and I think even if our voice is just small, it can still influence many. It's just so sad that no matter how loud and powerful our voice, few just listen.

If I post my concerns here in this website, what its going to do with the article? The website, of course, will publish it so that many worldwide will be able to read it. But after reading it, what then? There are lots of good articles here and voices that should be addressed. What happened to those articles? Have they just remained as articles? What now?

I really do hope that this voice, my voice, would be able to reach many and address the concerns of other articles here in the site.

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