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Inscrit le 23 avril 2014
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A world without technology is unimaginable. Children without ICT skills even more so! This is why at Oando Foundation, the provision of ICT Centres in public primary schools and ICT knowledge is priority.

The Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme launched in Nigeria on 30th September 1999 makes primary education in Nigeria universal, free and compulsory. In order to prepare children for the future with the ability to solve problems creatively, ICT was included in the primary school curriculum by the National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) with the underlying emphasis on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and Education for All (EFA) Goals. Despite all these efforts, the use of ICT in public primary schools in Nigeria is almost non-existent. This stark contrast is puzzling as technology and innovation are fast rising and Internet usage has grown faster in Africa than any other continent.

Oando Foundation, established in 2011, aims to support the Nigerian Government in meeting the Millennium Development Goals to achieve Universal primary education. Through the foundation’s signature project, Adopt-A-School Initiative (AASI), key emphasis is placed on improving the learning environment in public schools. One of AASI core program components is ensuring each adopted school is equipped with an ICT/Creative Centre to enhance the learning capabilities of pupils The ICT Centre will facilitate kids exposure to computer education and other technology as they connect with the rest of the world via the use of the Internet.

The foundation recognizes that IT is an essential skill for young children. Pupils need to be able to use the latest technology to gain an effective education in the twenty first century. To this end, Oando Foundation unveiled its pilot (ICT) Centre at Archbishop Taylor Primary School, Lagos and will replicate this model in all its adopted schools across the country. The new ICT Centre is one of six centres Oando Foundation plans to establish in 2014

To further boost the impact of the ICT Centre, Oando Foundation has partnered with the United States Global Partnership Initiative and the LIONS@FRICA to launch a new initiative called AfriCoderDojo to teach 21st century computer coding skills to students between 7-17 years old. The partnership is based on the global CoderDojo scheme, and relies on a volunteer network of implementers and mentors to teach youth the basics of coding.

In addition, Microsoft Nigeria is supporting the foundation’s initiative by training teachers in its adopted schools to ensure they have the relevant ICT Skills and certification to aid effective transfer of knowledge to pupils.

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