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Everyone has their own dream. Let's make it comes true. :)

Everyone has their own dream. Let's make it comes true. :)

Helllooooo, everyone. This is my first time make a post in this amazing VOY. So, let me introduce myself. :)

Holla, my name is Anik Mei Darwati. You can call me Anik or Mei. Mei is my little name when I was a child. Okay, don't make a joke with saying 'Mei, June, July' :D . I've ever felt it how kinda funny it was when everyone's calling my name plus with that joke. I was originally born in Indonesia. Exactly in a little village that named Berbek. Berbek geographicly located at Nganjuk-city's scope, then its Nganjuk city is inside of East Java's provincy.

Okay, you have known 'bout my little hometown. Now, I'll try to tell you a little things about me that maybe you want to know.

I'm 19 years old. Some people putting down the 'cheer-up girl' labelling on me. Sometime when I'm in a good mood, I talk some jokes to my friends. But I'm in a bad mood, it's like the jokes is on me. :D

I'm studying at University of Brawijaya, Malang. The major is International Business which is including in Faculty of Administrative Science. Honestly, until now I'm still learning, real hard, to speak in English fluently. But, it doesn't make me under-feeling with others. Other side, I have an own mind-set, that is I must try real hard learning, especially to make my speaking English fluently.

I'm putting a big attention into a children development. That's why I always joining with my friends at majority student association. We had some work-programs which is having a correlation with children, humanity, or sociality.

Today, I just known that UNICEF has a website for youth, who has a lot of incredible voices about children development, sociality, humanity, etc, that named Voices of Youth. Absolutely I was just thinking maybe I could share all the things on my mind with you all, so we could make such as discussion . I'm very glad. Perfectly nice.

Holla, I'm Indonesian youth. Let's be united, and together make a big change!


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