Rights: A foreign Culture?

no picture Cecil GhanabaKwamena Dadzie
Inscrit le 16 février 2012
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I have grown into a fine young man because my basic rights were made available for me to access. Furthermore, my Mum and the rest of my family and society ensured I enjoyed it with responsibility. I must state that I have gone through a lot though- corporal punishment at home and in school, not being able to speak my mind and my views left unconsidered at most times. It made me feel sad. Basically, there are four pillars of Rights of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; Survival, Protection, Participation and Development.

Understanding these may help live in peace with rights in our society and not see it as western influence or foreign culture as people may think. Traditionally, every parent wants the best for their ward, this is indeed the truth, but how that is ensured- the means, is what must be questioned - Cecil Ato Kwamena Dadzie, 2011.Rights simply ensure individuals welfare and proper development. If you have a right to do or to have something, you are morally or legally entitled to have it. Your rights are the things you are entitled to do or have.

Survival: is the fact of continuing to live or exist in spite of great danger or difficulty. Every parent yearns to see their ward survive, right from day 1 of their birth, usually post and ante-natal care coupled with parental love makes a child’s survival possible at a tender stage.

Protection: from diseases, harm and other social evils keeps the child safe, still ensuring better living of the child. Note, to protect someone or something means to prevent them from being harmed or damaged.

Participation: if you participate in an activity, you are involved in it with other people. It is the right if every child to be part of making decisions at the home, school and community in which they live in especially issues that directly concern or affect them. Gone are days when children were seen and not heard, when given the chance to express themselves, they listen to the contribution of others.

Now, on Development- When someone or something develops, or when someone develops something, the person or thing grows or changes over a period of time and usually becomes more advanced or complete. Children develop best when Educated, and brought up in morally and socially upright environment- this automatically develops them spiritually. Interesting- huh? Like a balanced meal, when a child’s life is well balanced with the pillars of rights above they grow stronger, smarter and better for their homes, communities and the nation at large in the near future. May I be quick to add that many children who lack these may become a burden or liabilities to society, Agree? I believe in partnering and sharing best practices, I see nothing wrong with replicating values to ensure proper development.

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