RIP Bradley Lowery

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Unitika Schlawenger
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© Unitika Schlawenger - Edited picture of Bradley Lowery

© Unitika Schlawenger - Edited picture of Bradley Lowery

The smile,

That lit up,

The world as a stadium.

Can never be missed,

But only remembered.

Your fight,

Which inspired,

Many to go on.

Can never be forgotten,

But only honored.

Your strength,

Your love,

Your smile,

Your inspiration.

Will continue to illuminate this world.

And we will try to go on,

For you.

Rest in Peace Bradley Lowery, fly high and rest easy.

The fight against such a disease has many ups and downs. It is devastating to know how many youth lives are taken by the cruel disease. But we all are fighters. As one myself, I can confirm that research and developments to defeat it is quite well underway, but we must meanwhile unite and be strong for one another.

I will miss the loss of this amazing young lad, forever.

- Unitika Schlawenger


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