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Inscrit le 31 mai 2013
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My name is Anand. I am from Kerala, India. Let me get to the point very quickly. I am a student now and a part time activist in my immediate locality working for the uplifting of children who have no hope for education and a square meal a day. In the past couple of years, a very interesting trend of child migration was spotted in our area. Many of these migrations were a family affair, in a hope of earning a living somewhere. Kerala is currently a hot spot for migrations within India. But what was disturbing is that it were the children who were willingly or unwillingly being asked to go to work and earn a living.

Here, I believe, there are two types of child labor. One, can be termed a forced mode of child labor and the next an unforced mode. If the police and government take initiatives I believe the first type of child labor can be easily prevented from decaying our society. But the second one requires more effort.

At a time when a child becomes the only hope of a family, and he willingly takes responsibility of taking the burdens of his family, very little can be done. Displacing him from the current fame of things then as I see it, can lead to deeper problems. That is where UNICEF and other powerful organization come into the picture. I certainly believe UNICEF should collaborate more with state governments in India rather than with the Central government, because India is a very diverse country with varying lifestyles and even more varying problems. The current system can do very little in a state like ours. Because here children are not being forced to take up a job, they are taking it up because they want to. I do not think such problems can be solved easily.

The root of all social evils today is illiteracy. It is the same with child labor too. With the current system I believe eradication of unforced child labor is close to impossible. A large source of fund and an even larger source of free education is required to do it. Currently I am trying to form a group to put up a small fight. Again, that would be a hard job with my studies going on still. We need a cure. We need it fast.

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