Schistosomiasis : Oh help!


Inscrit le 17 avril 2012
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After watching a short news coverage of my fellow Filipinos in Trento, Agusan del Sur, my heart ached. The folks there are suffering from Schistosomiasis or an illness caused by worms that live in unclean waters. As a result, people from all ages there have this really, really large stomach. They know the danger and are perfectly aware of it, but in order to survive, they still use the unclean water by the riverside/canal. They still use it to bathe, cook, clean and even drink. The solution to this issue is simple, really: a clean irrigation system and access to clean, drinking water.

I'm sure the government will do their best to aid the situation. but, as for a teenager like me, how can i help? how can i do my part to aid the situation?


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